Core Principles Offer

To all members, family and friends:

Hampton Central Cricket Club is very excited to welcome on board a new long term sponsor “Core Principles – Personal Training & Development”

Core Principles is all about building healthy bodies and healthy communities! 

As sponsors of the HCCC, Core Principles has generously put together a special offer available strictly to HCCC friends and family. 
If you are a member, family or friend of HCCC you can experience a Core Principles Personal Training session absolutely FREE. If you then decide to join up with Core Principles, not only will we get you into amazing shape for summer, but you will also SAVE and make some money for your favourite cricket club!! 
If you decide to join Core Principles, they will share the love by donating $100 to HCCC! 
Join before the end of December and you will receive: 
Full one hour Health Consultation for $1 (SAVE $79!) 
Your first no obligation session completely FREE!!

Please email Gene Alessi at  to register your interest and book your free session today. Don’t forget to mention your connection to HCCC!



Cheltenham 9585 3492

258 Charman Road


Our Club is very fortunate to have Core Principles come onboard this year, with the Club receiving financial support, as well as a series of group training sessions for our leading Senior Teams. The Club is keen to promote our key sponsors and I ask all members and extended families to consider the great benefits our sponsors provide.  Their support makes running the Club much simpler and in particular keeps the sport affordable for all.

Please give consideration to this great offer from Gene and the crew at Core Principles.


Trevor Layzell


Hampton Central Cricket Club



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