Junior Presentation – Wednesday 25th March 2015

The 2014/15 Season is now complete. Commiserations to our Under 14 and Under 16 Teams that lost their semi-final games on the weekend, after finishing on top of their respective ladders undefeated in the home and away series. Cricket definitely has its highs and lows! Regardless a great season by both teams and much to build on for next season.

We have now finalised the last of the Awards for the Junior Presentation Day and should have trophies by early next week. With school holidays and Easter looming we will complete the Presentation promptly in advance of this holiday period. Presentation to be at our Pavilion next Wednesday evening, beginning with some snacks provided by the Club .

Again this year we will have members from our T20 Blast Teams, Under 12 Rookies, Under 12B’s and C’s, Under 14’s and Under 16’s all part of the Presentation. The evening will be a great chance to catch up with other Families, celebrate our Team’s achievements, as well as thank our Team’s Coaches and Managers.

Details as follows:
Date:               Wednesday 25th March, 2015 from 6.00pm.
Location:          Clyde Clark Pavilion, Simpson Reserve, Hampton.
Format:            Party Pies and refreshments, Presentation to follow at approximately 6.30-7.00pm.
General:           Please feel free to bring as many family and friends as you wish. If you have any queries please give me or your Team Manager a call.

To assist with a visual display for the night, I am hoping parents from all Teams will be able to upload some photos to a sharing site set up by the Club.  Details to follow shortly.

Details of the Junior and Senior Presentation Events will be up on the Club web page shortly, as well as any important news regarding the Club and its members. Please keep a watchful eye on the site over the coming months. The web address:  www.hamptoncentral.com.au

Also in the Seniors, the Club has had some great recent performances, culminating with our top three Senior Teams in Grand Finals this weekend. This is a first for the Club and I am proud to say our Juniors are well involved and have been critical to this result. The games begin at 1.30pm each day and details are as follows:

1st Eleven vs Omega at Hurlingham Park, East Brighton (Nepean Highway).

2nd Eleven vs Mackie at Peterson Street Reserve, Highett Road, Highett.

3rd Eleven vs Emerald Hill at Elwood Park No. 1 (Wattie Watson) Reserve, Elwood.

Again, it would be great to see as many as possible from the Club over the weekend, proudly displaying their Two Blues colours and willing our teams to Premierships.

“Cheer Cheer the Good Ol Two Blues”


Trevor Layzell
Junior Coordinator

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