Centrals Phantom Edition #1 – Introduction

Welcome to ‘The Centrals Phantom’ The ghost who doesn’t walk. It’s now 80 years this great club has been going. We’ve had ups and downs, trials and tribulations, on and off the field. We’ve seen legends like Basil ‘Cob’ Guy at the helm declaring ‘there ain’t an injury or disease known to man that beer can’t fix’, Dom Devola bowling unchanged all day in 40 degree heat carrying plenty, Steve Boyle changing from right arm over to left around, Doctor Who umpiring and cars escorted from the Simpson Reserve with a DF.

Over the season The Phantom will write articles on special events that have occurred at the club on and off the field – ‘From the Vault’ To celebrate the great feats on the field to the sheer stupidity off it. Needless to say there’s a rich well to draw upon. – ‘Player Profile’ We’ll take a closer examination into what has made club legends tick. Their game day routine, special diets and their preferred sports psychologist..

I’ll also dig up dirt on current and past players – ‘The Dirt File’. If you think you’ve got a story on some ‘dirt’ you can get in touch with The Phantom by emailing centralsphantom@gmail.com I’m thinking embarrassing stories from childhood, dates gone wrong and stuff up’s on the field. To really make this work The Phantom needs your help with ‘dirt’.

No one will know the identity of The Phantom!!

Go The Good Old Two Blues!!

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