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As promised, the Phantom wishes to expose games that will live on in Centrals folklore forever. In the first ever addition from “The Vault”, I will pick apart the ‘adventurous’ events surrounding the infamous mankad incident… Below is a transcript from an interview with the ‘Mankader’, however, editing has been required by the Phantom to ensure facts are not diluted (*editing seen in italics and bold*).

From Stuart “The Manker” McDonald”
“Not my proudest moment on the cricket field, *bullshit, you dined out on it for years* however, as I recall WPCC (Washington Park Cricket Club) were 8 down with not many runs to win (they may have been playing for a spot in the finals). I was bowling from the Oakleigh end *the skipper was desperate you mean to say?* of Packer Pard and things were getting tight. Brett Robinson was at mid-on and pointed out to me that the batsman was backing up too far and there was a mankad opportunity *hello sailor!* . I bowled another unplayable outswinger *lies…* and then took a glance at the non-striker batsman and noticed that he was indeed cheating *he also had read hair, so a mankad would therefore be legal* and backing up too far. Robbo again said “do it” so I ran in and removed the bails without delivering the ball.
The umpire made sure I wanted to go ahead with my appeal and then gave the cheat out. Blicky was bowling next over from the other end, with scores level, the batsman decided to leave one which, according to Blicky, “cut back about a metre” *has now grown to 4 metres* and clean bowled him. The game was a tie! Needless to say, we were not invited in for a post-game beverage.”

The Phantom’s game notes:

The Stew has been known for his great outswinger, falling on the ground, the Thommo, talking out of the side of his mouth, wearing girls clothes, the worm (see chin scar) and basically being an awesome guy and outstanding Centrals member.

Carn’ the ole Two Blues!


Until newt time, The Phantom




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