~Grand Final Update~

Due to the current circumstances surrounding the health and safety of players and spectators, SECA has officially cancelled the Grand Finals scheduled this weekend. Here is there latest statement:
~ Grand Finals – Cancelled / COVID-19 Coronavirus
Date of Event South East Cricket Association: Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:59PM
Dear All, The SECA Executive convened this evening to consider whether we should proceed with this week-end’s grand finals. Following consultation with key stakeholders over the past 48 hours since the completion of our games last week-end.  The SECA Executive has made every effort to have the Grand Finals played. However, the directives from Peak cricket bodies clearly outlined not to continue with our season. Regrettably, the SECA Executive have no choice but to accept this recommendation being mindful of minimising the risk to players, umpires, spectators and volunteers in relation to  the Coronavirus pandemic we are currently encountering. Decisions regarding Premiership awards, Presentation Nights etc will be advised at a later date. ~
Whilst this news is disapointing to hear, all players who participated this year should be extremely proud of their efforts. This should not detract from the amazing results we as a club were able to achieve, in particular the top 3 teams making the grand final. On another note, we will be proceeding with a final barbeque on Saturday starting from 11am. This will give us an opportunity to take some team photos, as well as retrieve any personal items as the key will be returned to the soccer club on Monday. With that we encourage all members to bring themselves, some whites and a helping hand.
Cheer Cheer,
Brendan Layzell

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