COVID-19 Measures for Return to Play

COVID-19 Measures for Training and Matches for Season 2020/21

Due to the seriousness of COVID-19 and the Club’s desire to support a healthy environment, the following measures must be followed for the coming season:

COVID Officers – The Club will have many COVID officers to reinforce and support good hygiene measures and precautions.  Our Primary COVID Officer is Alisdair Smyth ( 0427663737).  If you have any queries or concerns regarding the COVID response by the Club, please contact Alisdair, or myself.  

HCCC COVID Plan – Please review and be aware of the Club’s commitments and actions to remain COVID free.


Return to Play Participant Briefing – the Club requires all players (their guardians for Juniors) to undertake the Google page briefing, before returning to training or playing.  This is a short online document explaining various cricket related measures in place for this coming season. You will be asked to recognise the many measures and agree to support these.  A record of completing the briefing is held by the Club to acknowledge all Member’s commitment to preventing COVID-19.

Please click on this Link:

HCCC Return to Play Participant Briefing

Attendance Register – the Club must maintain a register of attendance and will use an electronic register via Google Pages.  The record is held for 28 days before being destroyed, to enable contact tracing in the event of a COVID incident.  Please save this link to your phone and utilise.  Alternatively, the link and register will be activated when your smartphone takes a photo of the ground QR code. Please remember to complete when you arrive and then leave the ground.

Please click on this link when you arrive and leave Simpson Reserve:

Simpson Reserve Attendance Form

Training Plan – Training will be very structured this year.  You must train in a defined group and not cross over with other training groups at Simpson Reserve.  We will have at least 2 separate training groups on the oval / nets most nights.  To enable our most efficient training approach please see the Training Roster.  If you miss your allotted time in the nets, do not try to join other training groups.

Training Roster to be posted very soon!!


Trevor Layzell
Hampton Central Cricket Club

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