Hampton Central Cricket Club – Master Blaster Cricket Program
Welcome to all new and returning players for 2019/20

For our experienced Junior Blasters (from last season), or are 7-9 years old and can hit a moving ball and can bowl with a “generally” straight arm Master Blaster (formerly T20 Blast) is the program for you.  The season kicks off in late October and is very popular, with the introduction of a mini team format.  The Club is keen to register returning participants as a priority.

The Club has at least two teams allocated in Master Blaster, a round robin mini team format between different local clubs at a common venue for 12 weeks. Our likely venue is Boss James Reserve (David Street) Hampton.  We generally have lots of interest from returning players and also new starters to cricket.  The teams and venue fill quickly!!

If you are keen to participate in this program may I ask you to register your son/daughter via the HCCC Master Blasters Program Link (MyCricket Online Website) as soon as possible.  This is the link direct to Hampton Central CC and I believe most would have registered on similar systems.  If you are unable to register online, or have any problems with the process please give me a call on 0407816896.

The cost is $99. All participants receive a participant pack.  The Club will also be supplying a Club Shirt and Cap for all of our new starters.

Master Blaster commences Saturday 26th  October 2019 (TBC by SECA).  The Hours of Play are 9.00am-10.30am. The program will run for ~ 7 weeks pre-Christmas and 5 weeks post-Christmas.

Also, if you are not sure about the different formats of junior cricket, please feel free to give me a call to discuss.

Our Club has been recommended to many new starters which is appreciated.  Please continue to welcome new participants to the Blaster Programs.



The program is suited to kids that have had one or two seasons of Junior Blaster and can hit a moving ball and bowl a short distance with a straight arm. Most Boys and Girls participating in Bayside T20 Blast last season were 7-9 years old.

Master Blast Format
• Players: Six per side (players bat in pairs, bowl/wk in pairs)
• Game Length: 12 overs per team
• Pitch Length: 16m
• Pitch Type: Grass Outfield
• Ball: Rubber
• Bat: Players are allowed to use their own timber bat
• Protective Equipment: Not required.
• Boundary Size: 30m
• Fielding: No fielder is allowed within 10m of the bat until after the ball is hit. This excludes the wicket-keeper.

Registration: Online registration via the link above, or please call Trevor Layzell on 0407816896.
For more detail please see the Master Blaster app on itunes.

Trevor Layzell
Junior Programs Coordinator Hampton Central Cricket Club