Hello Centrals Families,

Just as the season gets going after the Xmas / New Year Break it soon comes to a conclusion!!  Only a few home and away games left across the various Junior formats and finals for some teams!

In order to celebrate our season and to gather all families across the Junior Club we will be holding a Pleasant Sunday Family Afternoon on the 19th February 2023 from 4pm.

To be hosted at W.L. Simpson Reserve, we invite all families across our junior teams to a relaxed social setting across the junior teams, with plentiful snacks and refreshments and for the first time a “mixed” double wicket for our younger Juniors.

Again the late afternoon setting will be a great chance to catch up with other Families, celebrate our Teams’ achievements, as well as thank our Teams’ Coaches and Managers. The date and time of Junior Presentation is still to be confirmed in March, dependent of Senior and Junior finals commitments.

If you have any queries please give me, or your Team Manager a call.


Trevor Layzell

Junior Coordinator

Hampton Central Cricket Club


“Cheer Cheer the Good Ol Two Blues”

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